*Preliminary Scientific Program as of October 2019 and is subject to change.



Plenary talk
Using Mobile Data and Global Mapping to Tackle the Next Outbreak: Andy Tatem (UK/Sweden)

Plenary talk
Collaborating with the Innate Immune System to Control Antibiotic-resistant Superbugs: Victor Nizet (US)

Plenary talk
At the Forefront of Hepatitis C Virus Elimination: Noor Hisham Abdullah (Malaysia) and Manal El-Sayed (Egypt)


Plenary Session - Malaria

  • The Threat of Multidrug Resistant Plasmodium falciparum Malaria: Elizabeth Ashley (Lao PDR)

  • The Key to a Better Malaria Vaccine: Faith Osier (Kenya)

  • Plasmodium knowlesi-Malaria at the One Health Interface: Fong Mun Yik (Malaysia)


Plenary Session - Emerging Infectious Diseases Preparedness 

  • Population Displacement, Conflict and War as Drivers of Emerging Diseases: TBD

  • Ecosystem Destruction and Loss of Biodiversity: Peter Daszak (US)

  • Epidemic Preparedness in China, the Region and Beyond: George Gao (China)


Plenary Session - Dengue

  • Innovations in Clinical Management - Novel Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Vaccine Update: Bridget Wills (Vietnam)

  • Dengue - Unusual Clinical Presentations: Sharifah Faridah Syed Omar (Malaysia)

  • ABUZZ: Citizen Science for Mosquito Monitoring: Haripriya Vaidehi Narayanan (US)


Meet-the-Expert Sessions

A Career in Public Health and Global Health           

  • Rana Hajjeh (Egypt)

  • Wan Noraini Wan Mohamed Noor (Malaysia)


(developed in collaboration with Elsevier)

  • International Journal of Infectious Diseases: Eskild Petersen (Oman)

  • The Lancet Digital Health: Rupa Sarkar (UK)

  • The Lancet infectious Diseases: John McConnell (UK)

  • IDCases: Larry Lutwick (US)


Urinary Tract Infections - Updates in Prevention and Management

  • Sally Roberts (New Zealand)


Surgical site infections - Updates in Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Alison Holmes (UK)


Managing Resistant Fungal Infections

  • TBD





Infectious disease innovations for a digital world
(developed in collaboration with the Lancet ID and the Lancet Digital Health) 

  • The Use of Mobile Phone Data for Outbreak Tracking: Amy Wesolowski (US)

  • Genomics and Metagenomics Approaches to the Diagnosis, Treatment and Surveillance of Infectious Diseases: Jennifer Gardy (US)

  • TBD


Vaccines to Prevent Respiratory Disease Morbidity and Mortality
(developed in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) 

  • Pneumococcal Pneumonia, RSV, Influenza, and Pertussis: Critical Updates: Keith Klugman (US)

  • Introduction of and Access to PCV Vaccination in Low- and Middle-income Countries: Bill Hausdorff (US)

  • Lessons Learned from the Genomic Surveillance ofStreptococcus pneumoniae: Stephanie Lo (UK)


HIV - Hot Topics (developed in collaboration with the International Aids Society)

  • HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Updates for the Infectious Disease Physician: Iskandar Azwa (Malaysia)

  • Same Day ART Initiation: Reshmie Ramautarsing (Thailand)

  • Treatment of Latent TB Infection: Sean Wasserman (South Africa)


The Great Debates 1   

Antibiotics for Diarrheal Disease: Miguel O'Ryan (Chile) and Per Ashorn (Finland)


Serosurveillance for Spillover of High Consequence Zoonotic Viruses at the Human-Animal Interface 
(developed in collaboration with EcoHealth Alliance)         

  • Risk of bat borne virus spillover in Northeast India: TBD

  • Seasonal seroprevalence of Nipah virus infection in Pteropus lylei Bats in Thailand, 2017-2018: TBD

  • Serological Biosurveillance for Spillover of Henipaviruses and Filoviruses at Agricultural and Hunting Human-Animal Interfaces in Peninsular Malaysia: TBD


Enterovirus Infections in Asia Pacific – Critical Updates
(ISID Member-proposed symposium competition winner)

  • Asia-Pacific Network for Enterovirus Surveillance Overview and Development of Enterovirus A71 Vaccines: Min-Shi Lee (Taiwan)

  • Laboratory Diagnosis and Management of Enterovirus Infections: Yoke-Fun Chan (Malaysia)

  • Genetic and Antigenic Evolution of Enteroviruses in Asia Pacific: Jiratchaya Puenpa (Thailand)


Clinical Management of Multidrug Resistant Infections
(developed in collaboration with ESCMID)    

Symposium under development


Pandemic Preparedness - 25 years ProMED
(developed in collaboration with ProMED – the Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases)    

  • Climate and Global Disease Outbreaks: The View from 36,000 km: Assaf Anyamba (US)

  • TBD

  • ProMED – 25 years: Larry Madoff (US), Linda MacKinnon (US) and Marjorie Pollack (US)


Viral Hepatitis
(developed in collaboration with DNDi)  

  • Decentralized testing and treatmentDNDi

  • TBD


Scientific Story Telling

  • Session under development


Global Action on AMR – New Control and Treatment Strategies
(developed in collaboration with the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases)

  • International Comparison of Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria: Katsumi Shigemura (Japan)

  • Enhancing the International Coordination of Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Development:TBD

  • Adjunctives and Alternatives to Antibiotics - Phages, Microbiome-modulating, Immune Approaches and Others: Ursula Theuretzbacher (Austria)


Vaccine Hesitancy      

  • Vaccine Hesitancy in a Post-fact World – the Role of Social Media and Other Drivers of Vaccine Hesitancy in High-income Countries: TBD 

  • Vaccine Hesitancy – Drivers in Low- and Middle-income Countries: Lulu Bravo (Philippines)

  • Q/A session – moderators: Anita Shet (US)


Rabies - Key Areas of Focus for Successful Elimination
(ISID Member-proposed Symposium Competition winner)   

  • Enhanced Laboratory-based Surveillance is Essential to the Success of the '0 by 30' Global Rabies Program: Gowri Yale (India)

  • Mass Canine Vaccination: A Proven One Health Context for the Elimination of Human Rabies Caused by Dogs: Umme Ruman Siddiqi (Bangladesh)

  • The Futility of Therapeutics and the Utility of Intradermal Immunization for Human Rabies Prophylaxis: TBD


Utilizing newer diagnostic tests         

  • Translation of Microbial Genomics into Public Health and Clinical Microbiology: Ben Howden (Australia)

  • Utilization of POC Tests and Biomarkers in Infectious Diseases: TBD

  • The Lab of the Future: TBD


The Great Debates II - Access to medicines

  • Debaters to be determined. 


Tackling Drug-resistant Gonorrhoea 
(developed in collaboration with GARDP)

  • Session under development


Neglected Tropical Diseases  

  • Leptospirosis: Zamberi Sekawi (Malaysia)

  • TBD

  • TBD


Current Updates in Tuberculosis       

  • MDRTB Treatment Update: Sean Wasserman (South Africa)

  • TB - Molecular Epidemiology and Control in an Urban City: TBD

  • TB Experimental Therapeutics - A Look into the Future: Greg Cook (New Zealand)


Pediatric Infectious Diseases - Hot Topics       

  • A Chance at Life – Optimizing the Management of Neonatal Sepsis in Low- and Middle-income Countries: TBD

  • The Global Re-emergence of Measles and other Vaccine Preventable Diseases: TBD

  • HPV - TBD





Antibiotic Allergy Workshop
(in collaboration with the Australasian Society for ID)

  • Defining antimicrobial allergy: Natasha Holmes 

  • Recognizing the phenotype: Siew Eng Choon 

  • Antibiotic allergy cross-reactivity: Jason Trubiano 

  • Penicillin allergy testing: Elizabeth Phillips 

  • Antibiotic allergy assessment tools: Misha Devchand 

  • Practical AMS solutions for all hospital settings: Kyra Chua 

  • Approaches in antimicrobial associated SCAR: Elizabeth Phillips 

  • Antibiotic Allergy in Practice – Case scenarios: Jason Trubiano 

  • Antibiotic Allergy in Practice – Case scenarios: Sasheela Sri La Sri Ponnampalavanar


Hand Hygiene Workshop

  • Workshop under development      


Mastercourse in Vaccinology

Anita Shet (US), Lulu Bravo (Philippines)

  • How do vaccines work? 

  • Immune response to vaccines & role of adjuvants

  • Combination vaccines: can we give too many antigens?

  • New developments in vaccine technology for more efficient vaccines

  • Q & A

  • Disease and vaccine surveillance systems and public health value of vaccines (60 mins)

  • How to measure the impact of vaccines

  • Importance of disease surveillance in developing impactful vaccines

  • Vaccine safety monitoring

  • Q & A

  • Vaccine economics

  • Interpretation of the health economic analyses of vaccines (cost-effectiveness, cost-savings, return on investment); broader socio-economic benefits of vaccines

  • Q & A

  • Vaccination of specific groups 

  • Vaccination of pregnant women

  • Vaccination of older adults

  • Q & A

  • Clinical cases discussion

  • Quiz with clinical case discussions


Guide to Infection Control Workshop

  • Workshop under development